Caravan Parks

Caravan Park


While a fancy hotel might seem like the ideal getaway, caravan parks can offer you similar amenities and at times some addons too. Featuring open sites and an intimate proximity with nature, caravan parks can prove as a budget-friendly base for your exploration.

These parks are vast areas set to provide temporary as well as permanent accommodation to caravans. One of the key features of these sites is the mix of contemporary and retro experience – which means you can be relaxing in your ensuite cabin and walk out to a sky full of stars! However, the type of caravan and the kind of park you choose are two determining factors for how your caravan holiday turns out.

Here are a few factors you should consider before heading out on your caravanning adventure.

Why choose a caravan park adventure?

Who does not enjoy an inexpensive vacation while still having the comforts of a home? Caravan parks are usually located near prime sites like the beach or the woods. You would not expect to find affordable residences here, but a caravan park is a perfect blend of comfortable accommodation and a taste of natural wilderness.

Forget about the hassle of check-ins and a limited luggage. If you plan to choose a caravan park, you can take along whatever you seem necessary and go on a route that suits you – some caravan parks even allow pets to stay with you!

The perfect socialising spot

Caravan parks are flexible in nature. They can home everyone regardless of the age and interests. Whether you are a family with kids or a group of travel enthusiasts, you will run into many people who will be sharing the same park with you. Many parks also have basic recreational facilities like pedal carts and barbecue stations. These can turn out as the ideal points to forge new friendships with fellow caravan owners!

Plan out your budget

When it comes to caravans, you will find a huge market with a variety of caravans. From luxurious caravan styles with embedded mod cons, to a standard family caravan – all stand at your disposal. However, according to your budget and specifications, you can opt for a lightweight second- hand caravan as well.

Since the market is huge, it is best to first jot down your needs and specifics and settle for a cheap caravan for sale that is not too heavy on your wallet.

Caravan Park
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Personal Preference

You don’t want to be stuck in a tight space for your vacations. Having a clear idea about who will accompany you on your caravan holiday is crucial in deciding the type of caravan suited for you. Since there is a range of caravans, you can choose between a pop top, camper trailer and motorhomes.

These types have different layouts and capacities; so if you plan to go on a family adventure, you can opt for the bigger caravans with bunk beds. In a nutshell, it all comes down to choosing the right caravan that meets your requirements and plan.

Caravan parks are usually vast spaces of land that allow you to park your caravans and stay for the duration of your holiday. While choosing the right caravan park is very important, it is equally crucial to set up your caravan on the right pitch.

A muddy slope or a bumpy part of land can ruin your holiday as they destabilize your caravan awnings. Instead, you can opt to book a pitch with awning that has an electric hook up and ample space to stabilize your caravan awning. There are a number of options for the right pitch that you can book before your trip:

1) Standard pitch with awning

2) Premium pitch with awning

Booking your site

It is best you do not risk landing the caravan park without a pre-booking. During peak season, the parks are fully booked, and you might not find the right pitch to set up your caravan. Many sites have launched their mobile applications for quick booking. Other than that, you can always call the site directly and book a seasonal package that fits your plan.

Hiring a Caravan

If you are short on budget and want a quick fix for your next caravan tour, you can hire a caravan at your convenience. However, while hiring might seem more feasible than owning your own caravan , we suggest to thoroughly inspect the company you plan to hire from and the assistance they guarantee to provide. Particularly, if you are hiring a caravan for the first time, it is best to involve a trusted organization that will guide you through your caravan holiday.

The right site for the right vacation

There are a number of certified locations of the caravan parks for a diverse caravan experience. These range from working farms and beaches to campsites. Some clubs also offer privately owned sites that are managed under these clubs’ management. These private sites are more exclusive for they offer a very personal experience. However, most of these require a membership.


Caravanning offers the ideal mix of travel adrenaline and home comforts. You can venture off to natural sites and still be close to your mod con cabin and a kitchen. However, it is equally important to plan a caravan tour keeping in mind the above-mentioned checklist.

Vehicles that fail you, a caravan that is difficult to mauver, in compatible towing capabilities, a tight space or the wrong pitch can turn the elating experience into a disaster. It is best that you mark out your budget and the space requirements before you head off to hire or buy your own caravan.

While caravanning does not limit your luggage, it is still recommended to pack smartly keeping in mind the storage of your caravan. Before you hit road, pack your accessories, the awnings, check your fuel and your caravan holiday is surely off to a good start!