Caravan trips For Beginners 101

A caravan Trip is always a good idea

Congratulations! You have taken the hard decision, you have finally decided to go on a caravan holidays. Perhaps it was your friends who motivated you to take this step, or some fun looking caravanning adventure photos you saw on the internet. But the important thing is, you have finally broken the shackles!

If you are new to the caravanes adventure world, you have come to just the right place for some guidance and inspiration. The truth is, the process of getting your caravan ready for your first trip can seem hard and tricky. But once you familiarize yourself with everything, you will be camping like an expert. And yes, the trouble is always worth it when it comes to caravan trips.

beginner guide to a great Caravan-holiday

We have some tips for you before you buy, rent, or borrow a caravan and head towards your first journey. Once you are comfortable with the technical side of caravanning, you will be ready to explore some of your most favorite destinations on your caravan tours.

Decide What Type Of Caravan You Want?

Thinking about the type of caravan you want is essential. When buying a caravan, it is integral to consider your needs. Are you going with your family or friends? If yes, how many people will be accompanying you on your adventure and will live with you in the caravan?

If you have a family of two to three people, or you are a group of two to three friends, a two-berth caravan might just be the perfect option for you. The two-berth caravans have two sofa seats that can be transformed into a double bed. With that said, they can also be used as two single beds.

You can always accessorize and create additional space in your caravan. For example, you can add a caravan awning that you can use as a sleeping place or a dining area.

On the other hand, if more than three people are going caravaning with you, you should consider buying a larger capacity caravan or a motorhome. These two options will suit your needs better.

Plan Your Trip Well In Advance

Planning your caravan sites beforehand can be very useful. Use google maps or other similar applications to track and know your journey routes better. Judge how much time will you need to reach your desired location.

Apart from that, knowing where and for how long you will be stopping for a break can also be beneficial. It will allow you to manage your time accordingly and reach your destination on time.

Note that a caravan is much heavier than a normal car. Taking the road conditions into consideration is also extremely important. Do not go too fast! Take it slow, and enjoy your journey.

Know the speed limits for a caravan so you do not get yourself into trouble. In the UK, the speed limit for a caravan on the motorway is 60 MPH. In addition to the speed limit, it is important that you take extra care while driving. If you see a queue forming behind you on a motorway, let the traffic go past and then safely continue with your journey.

Be Mindful Of Your Weights

It can be very tricky to make sure you are within all restrictions when it comes to weights. But this is one of the key things, and you should deal with it delicately.

It is important that you know your tow ball load. Tow ball load is the part of the caravan’s total weight that your towing vehicle can take when the caravan is hitched. It is important to note that it is affected by how you divide your load in your caravan.

To find your tow ball load, you can get your caravan all ready as you normally would. Put all the essential stuff inside and all the caravan accessories you intend to take with yourself on your journey. Then, take your caravan to a nearby weighbridge to determine its weight. Payloads can be very limited at times, so it is integral that you take care of your weights accordingly.

Apart from this, you should do some additional research on your vehicle’s towing specifications and the towing guidance and regulations in your place and at your destination.

Take A Course

If you are completely new to caravanning, taking a course can do wonders for you. You should practice your skills at a safe place under the expert supervision of qualified instructors.

Taking a course will allow you to take your skills to the next level and will get you ready for your caravan road adventure. Some of the things that a course covers are: legal requirements, loading strategies, maneuvering and driving tips and techniques, maintenance and safety checks, hitching and unhitching, sway management, and finally, braking and reversing.

Hire Before Buying

The key to buying a caravan that suits your needs is to not rush. Some people make their decisions in a rush and land themselves in trouble.

If you hire a caravan, you will be more comfortable with things like towing and set-up as compared to someone who has not even heard of these terms.

At times, after buying a caravan, we realize the one we bought was not the perfect option for us according to our needs. You can escape from this problem if you hire first and then buy.


After you know everything important about caravans and how to use them, and have bought one for yourself, the only thing that will be left for you is to finalize your destinations.

Caravanning is a wonderful adventure. An adventure you will enjoy to the fullest and cherish forever. But before you get to the real deal, it is essential that you make yourself comfortable with all the important things about caravans and how to tackle its technicalities.

Once you are ready, there is no looking back! You will be on your way to experience some of the best days of your life.