Caravan Clubs

Caravan club introduction

Caravans are perfect for people who love to travel around the country. People who love to explore nature and enjoy the beauty of natural sceneries. Caravans are just like a small home, away from home.

People often save money every month in the hopes that one day they will invest that money in buying a caravan. They work tirelessly throughout their lives in hopes to have caravan holidays after retirement.

Even the idea of spending leisure time wandering and exploring gives them immense pleasure. Caravans are not just for traveling, they are a great way of socializing as well. There are caravan clubs all over the world for travel enthusiasts and like-minded people.

If you are on the verge of deciding whether you should get a caravan for yourself or not, you can get inspiration from us and then make your decision.

Should I get a caravan for myself?

If you are thinking to buy a caravan, chances are you have already decided. You only need a push in the right direction. Looking for caravans for sale and day-dreaming about buying them has almost reached the level of secret desire.

Still, if you need more convincing, keep on reading and by the end of this blog, you would have a final answer to this question.

  • Good investment

Even though caravans are not cheap, but still there are many second-hand caravans for sale in the market that comes with an affordable price tag. If you have saved up money for traveling, then investing it in a good caravan is a great idea.

Just get informed but various caravan styles and choose the one that will suit your requirements and specifications. You can also do some research for its resale price and put it back on the market as a caravan for sale.

  • Saves money

Travel enthusiasts know that traveling costs a lot of money, going from one place to another cost a huge chunk of your traveling budget let alone food and accommodation expenses.

You can cut off the expenses massively if you cook your food in the caravan, sleep and travel as well in the same vehicle.

  • Socializing

There is a misconception that people who travel a lot often remain disconnected from other people. They can’t make substantial friendships because they are always on the road.

This concept is not true for people owning a caravan as there are a lot of activities developed especially for them. There are caravan clubs in every locality for caravan enthusiasts.


What are caravan clubs?

Caravan club is a network of communities based on like-minded people who share a similar passion for caravans and camping. If you have your caravan or you are looking to buy a caravan for the comping of caravan holidays, then joining a caravan club beforehand is highly recommended.

This club is a great way to learn all about the pleasures of caravanning and camping. You get to meet people who share the same love for traveling and exploring. Caravan clubs offer many favors to their members in addition to listed benefits as well.

You only have to pay a yearly or monthly fee to renew your membership and get countless benefits in returns. Some of the benefits you get by joining a caravan club are mentioned below.

  • Exemption from fees

Many caravan parks infamous camping sites and tourist areas require a fee for parking the caravan. Members of caravan clubs are exempted from this fee as a membership perk.

They can park their caravans and trailers for as many days as they want without paying a fee.

  • Access to campsites

Members of caravan clubs get exclusive access to far-fetched campsites and places that are hidden from the general public.

The club provides its member’s updates on new campsites and places that are considered ideal for camping and traveling.

  • Traveling aids

Caravan clubs also provide their members with traveling aid to new unexplored areas. They give detailed maps and locations to help them navigate and reach the camping site safely. Caravan holiday packages are given to travel enthusiasts with access to locations that are new and adventurous.

  • Insurance facility

These clubs are not only for leisure, they handle serious matters as well. They also give information about caravan insurance policies to their members and help them make an educated decision to choose the best insurance for their caravans.

  • Buy and sell

Travel enthusiasts are always on the lookout for cheap caravans for sale. New and old members can list their caravans for selling or buying on the caravan clubs website.

It is a great way to meet potential buyers and get cheap deals as well. The club only enlists the caravan on their website after proper verification so it’s safe to say that the transaction between buyer and seller will be legitimate.

How can I get a caravan club membership?

If you own a caravan or want to own it someday but still want to be updated with matters in caravan communities, then getting a caravan club membership is recommended.

The process of getting a membership in the club is fairly simple and not much complicated. You can also get yourself into the club to enjoy various benefits are other members.

  • Proof of caravan

To get a membership, first, you have to present proofs that you own a caravan in your name. You can take your caravan documents to get it registered with the club. They inspect the vehicle for evaluation and then register it in their records.

  • Membership fee

Caravan clubs offer many benefits to their members but they also charge fees yearly from their members. The membership fee is a one-time, non-refundable payment.

From then on you have to pay a yearly fee to renew your membership. You can also cancel your membership anytime you want to.

GO for it!

Life is too short and if you have a desire of buying a caravan and wandering on the unexplored roads then we say you should go for it!

Buy a caravan and get yourself registered with a caravan club and you are good to go.