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Why Join A Caravan Motorhome Club

Here is the deal, if you own a caravan, you will definitely want to join a caravan and motor home club! If you have interacted with other caravan owners, they might have told you about being a part of a caravan club and how much fun it is!

Caravan clubs and caravan motorhome clubs provide their members great holiday and caravan sites for people who like touring beautiful places in their caravans. Here are some reasons which can convince you that joining a caravan motorhome club is totally worth it!

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Most caravan owners join either of the two popular caravan clubs, namely The Camping and Caravaning Club and the Caravan and Motorhome Club but you don’t have options limited to these two!

There are many caravan clubs in the UK which you can join to save money and make the most use of it.

Why is it a Good Idea to Join the Club?

For most of us who have just bought a caravan traveling and visiting the best sites might be challenging. If you have these questions to be answered, then you should be searching up clubs!

  • What equipment must I take on my first camping holiday via a caravan?
  • I am looking for the best beaches, which sites are the closest campsites to such areas?
  • I know how to drive a caravan but I need some technical advice?
  • What do I need to know about insurance?
  • Where are the best sites when camping in a caravan?

Beautiful Campsites

Caravan owners are always looking for beautiful campsites and this is probably one major why caravan owners join clubs. Big caravan clubs have their own campsites across the UK and offer all facilities including guaranteed uniform standards. These clubs are very organized and once you are a member, you will not feel alone. You will have to follow a set of rules and understand their policies but these are just to keep a consistent standard of services.

What’s more is that these clubs have privately owned caravan sites which are “certified”. This means they are secure and only a limited number of units are allowed on that site. This means you will not find caravan sites crowded with people and you get to enjoy some privacy and peace. You get the facility of fresh water and the facility of emptying your toilet.

The locations are breath taking and they also charge less per night. You will find a peace of mind while traveling in a secure environment especially if you have family with you.

Great Offers for Club Members

Getting your caravan insured is the best way possible to protect your investment and belongings. If you join a caravan club, you get to enjoy their specialist insurance policies and even special discounts exclusive for club members through special affiliate schemes.

You will also find discounts on caravan accessories, entry fees and discounts on many other products as well.

Tech Support

In bigger caravan clubs, you get the benefit of professional tech support. Professional and legal advice is always at your service and you get to lean a lot. This includes courses on towing and free car and caravan matching services are available as well. You might get to interact with foreign touring tech staff where you could gain expert knowledge and tips and also avail special rates on foreign camp sites.

Friendships and Support

Solo traveling sure is fun but once you find a group of like-minded people to travel with, you hardly want to travel alone again.

When you join a caravan club, you automatically become a part of a community where you will find support. In case you have any query regarding your caravan or its accessories, you can ask anyone from the caravan community. You will be in touch with a network of experienced and professional people so technical support is something you will always find.

Caravan clubs reap you the benefits of socializing. There will often be weekly or monthly meet ups where you will get to know people and maybe even make some good friends or get into some business. Who knows?

There are plenty of activities for families, friends and you get to see new locations, make new friends and enjoy a routine other than your hectic lifestyle.

You Will Always Be Updated

Joining a caravan club means you will always be updated by your new friends about what is happening around, making plans and deciding get together.

Other than that, big clubs send their members monthly newsletters and magazines so you can get your hands on caravan site reviews, travel features, latest offers and even discounts. They will usually email you newsletters about any happenings or events coming up and how you can avail the opportunity to participate.

How Much Does it Cost?

Bigger clubs in the UK can cost you almost £50 annually. Smaller clubs can cost about £15. However don’t expect both the types to offer you the same standards of services because there is a major difference due to the costs spectrum.

Final Word

After reading about all the benefits of joining a caravan club, I am so sure you must be wanting to be a part of the caravan community. Surely Google might have all the answers to your questions, but what you learn from interaction, other people’s experiences, and professional support is no way near the virtually explained.

Caravan clubs are very supportive with their members, and there is no compulsion to do anything other than following the rules to keep everything organized. The best part is if you join a caravan club and, after some while, don’t plan to keep it or renew it, no one will force you to rejoin it. It is totally up to you.

Traveling with friends and family is undoubtedly a lifetime experience. Only when you join communities where people think alike can you get motivated and inspired to stretch your limits.

Happy Caravaning!

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